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Interval Training for Novices
The following workout is a beginner interval workout lasting 21 mins. Interval workouts involve alternating higher intensity exercise with low intensity recovery periods. By adding higher intensity intervals, you can build endurance and burn more calories.
Added : 9 years ago
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From : fitness4life
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Quick HIIT Workout
Here is a quick 8 minute HIIT workout. It can be done on a treadmill, elliptical, or arc trainer.
Tags : hiit cardio  
Added : 10 years ago
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From : iescobar87
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Periodization Phase Two
During this phase, you will give your body time to recover from the tremendous amount of stress you have just undergone during the heavy phase. Focus on cardio, abs and flexibility while stimulating each muscle group only once a week lightly. The next 1-2 weeks, alteration phase
Added : 10 years ago
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From : iescobar87
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Ski/Snowboard Workout
This is a workout that can be used as a warm-up several weeks before a big ski/snowboard trip.
Tags : ski, snowboard, workout 
Added : 10 years ago
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From : rburger
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30 Mins a Day - Running/Lifting
This is a running workout for those that are constrained by time and like to push themselves.
Tags : Running Treadmill 
Added : 10 years ago
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From : rb555555
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