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Look at the Label!

Summary: Those sneaky food manufacturers! What are we actually buying?
Look at the label. Food manufacturers try to trick their consumers by putting catchy things like fat-free and low calorie on the front of packaging when in fact these items maybe extremely high in sodium. Not only that, but these companies pay attention to how the media is buzzing about food. The words that the media happens to be stating often end up on the packaging to entice consumers to purchase their product. Although companies can try to confuse consumers by adding these words, they cannot lie about the ingredients. If something says contains real fruit juice on the package, but sugar or high fructose corn syrup is listed as one of the main ingredients, there is not much “real” fruit juice in the product. That is why it is so important to read the labels! So make healthy food choices and try to stay away from the processed, sugary and high in sodium products.
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